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  1. I dont think i have? I just added the mods and started the server. I have cheats on. I haven't added anything new since starting it. After it started getting stuck at the screen i tried looking through the file for it but i dont know what anything is for so i tried not to touch it.
  2. My sister and I were playing on LAN last night and made some nice progress. We were going to plan on building our homes today but every time I tried loading the map it would stop on the dirt screen. When i clicked it would just say it wasn't responding and I would have to close and go back to the launcher. I made new worlds after and they would load just fine. Seems to only be happening to this one. I'm not very knowledgeable about tech so I really don't know how to fix it. recent logs.logcrash-2020-11-25_18.30.56-server.txtI've attached the most recent logs and crash report if that's useful.
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