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  1. Wikipedia Software Copyright https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_copyright A law forum: https://www.thelaw.com/forums/ (I asked here and an EU lawyer told me that there is bureaucracy and a lot of paper work involved to get your rights for your work) This website: https://www.copyright.com/learn/international-copyright/
  2. For your digital work to be protected by copyright you need to actually own some documents. If you want to action someone in instance the "Copyright 2020" text from your website doesn't mean anything. Even EULA is not recognized by EU or US. If you clicked a checkbox that says "I have read the terms and conditions" and in the terms says copyrights, doesn't mean that it is actually protected. Large corps entities like Microsoft, Google, etc actually owns the copyrights and have some documents proving. But let's be honest I don't think Minecraft modders tries to get the rights for their works. They placed © All Rights Reserved just to scare people who tries to decompile it. A lot to companies just use the user's naivety to protect their work. Even Mojang had not rights on Minecraft before being acquired by Microsoft.
  3. I'm sorry. It is not enough to mark my work with copyright myself. Plus we should take in consideration where eloraam is from. The copyright law is different in each country. There are European conventions and International conventions but it depends on the state...
  4. @diesieben07 Dude tell me where eloraam registered repower to be protected by copyright! I can make an app, and just put on my website the copyright mark. That doesn't mean my app is protected by copyright law. Plus, I think redpower is from 2010 or 2011. Some copyright are freed after 10 years. In 2025 you will be able to make Mickey Mouse animations. The Disney copyrights for Mickey Mouse will be freed in 2025.
  5. Project red and Bluepower are not as great as red power 2
  6. @diesieben07 I would not share onliine. Just for playing me and my friends.
  7. It is redpower2. Maybe it is impossible since the last version is 1.4.7, but I guess an experimented modder can part even a mod that old I have the deobfuscated code for redpower 2 1.4.7.
  8. I need to port 2 mods if you think you can just email me at bogdanfloares@gmail.com where we can discuss the price, the mods and the version.
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