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  1. Oh I just found out that is a method called ItemRenderer::renderItemOverlayIntoGUI. Thanks for your help. I solved it!
  2. This code is in MixinContainerScreen and I've tried for RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre but it is just the same private final ContainerScreen that = (ContainerScreen) (Object) this; Method RenderExtraContainer: private void renderExtraContainer(MatrixStack matrixStack, Slot slot) throws CommandSyntaxException { if (!slot.getStack().isEmpty()) { RenderSystem.disableDepthTest(); RenderSystem.enableBlend(); RenderSystem.enableAlphaTest(); RenderUtils.bindTexture(EXTRA_CONTAINER); AbstractGui.blit(matrixStack, this.that.getGuiLeft() + this.that.getXSize() + 10, this.that.ge
  3. I want to draw string over an itemStack, but string is rendering below an itemStack Here's my code: // i = index (0-9) // j = rows int count = listStack.get(i + (j * 9)).getCount(); Minecraft.getInstance().getItemRenderer().renderItemAndEffectIntoGUI(listStack.get(i + (j * 9)), startPointX + (i * 18), startPointY + (j * 18)); if (count > 1) { this.font.drawStringWithShadow(matrixStack, String.valueOf(count), (float) (startPointX + (i * 18) + 16) - this.font.getStringWidth(String.valueOf(count)), (float) (startPointY + (j * 18) + 10), FontColor.WHITE.getC
  4. I'm trying to create a new screen with TextFieldWidget but when I create render method TextFieldWidget can not typing anything, here is the code init method: public void init() { settingsPage = 0; assert this.minecraft != null; this.minecraft.keyboardListener.enableRepeatEvents(true); TextFieldWidget searchTextWidget = new TextFieldWidget(this.mc.fontRenderer, width / 2 - 100, height - 36, 200, 16, new StringTextComponent("")); searchTextWidget.setMaxStringLength(32767); searchTextWidget.changeFocus(true); searchTextWidget.
  5. Oh, I solved it. That's a bug from client side and it didn't send correctly because it needs to synchronize with other classes. But Thanks for helping a lot.
  6. That's work! but idk why it's only work for an IDE runClient, the fps is showing. But when do I export the mod jar, run the game, and then the fps doesn't show.
  7. I need to get debugFPS but it has private-access in class Mnecraft (net.minecraft.client.Minecraft), I'm try to using Reflection for that and It's give me an error: java.lang.RuntimeException: No such field exception! at com.thmc.mod.events.ItemDelayEventHandler.onPreInfoRender(ItemDelayEventHandler.java:130) ~[?:1.0] {re:classloading} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler_34_ItemDelayEventHandler_onPreInfoRender_Pre.invoke(.dynamic) ~[?:?] {} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler.invoke(ASMEventHandler.java:85) ~[eventbus-3.0.5-service.jar:?] {}
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