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  1. That is the exact reason of why I've created this topic, because I don't know almost anything about Forge fluids and because MCreator it's very limited in what you can do. Could you please teach me how to detect fluids on tank and implement that into an if statement?
  2. I use MCreator to make mods, but it is very limited. For example it doesn't have a way to detect fluids on tank, nor a way to make JEI compatibility, etc. That is why I don't know almost anything about forge fluids : P Either way, if your still wan't the source code I will send it : )
  3. Thanks, I alredy tried, but I didn't understood how to do it : P
  4. How do I detect what type of fluid is no a tank? and how do I implement that on an if statement? I'm coding in 1.15.2.
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