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  1. Sorry bad habit, I use the linux terminal then just type java -jar minecraft_server.1.15.2.jar and it runs the server.
  2. My 1.15.2 Forge Server Isnt Loading Mods, They Are All Made For 1.15.2 (Says Curseforge). On The Servers List It Has A V ANd If You Hover The Mouse Over It It Says "Vanilla Server". Please Help.
  3. There Are Always Stuff Something Cant Do. With C++ C# They Cant Do Everything Like Java, Also Please Be Specific
  4. (Dumb Question) Is The Shaders In A .jar File? Or Do You Need Help Installing On Forge, Because I Cant Help If You Are Using Windows, I Use Linux.
  5. Curseforge for this mod And I Am Running 1.7.10 (My Pc Is A Potato) Mods Run Fine Normally But They Dont Run On The Server
  6. Java Is Not That Hard To Understand, You Are Doubting Yourself And Making It Difficult.
  7. I Was Trying To Make A Minecraft Server, It Worked But It Couldnt Load Mods. Can Someone Explain Why? I Heard You Needed A Certain Json File Which I Dont Have.
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