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  1. Hi, A lot of automated designs (mob farms, for example) in Minecraft can generate a ton of entities and those entities getting rendered end up dumping your FPS to 0. I'm trying to write a mod that allows you to limit the number of entities rendered, to avoid this. So far I've found that WorldRenderer::updateCameraAndRender() seems to be the function I would want to modify, as it is calling the methods that end up causing an entity to be rendered, and counts the number of entities rendered. What I want to do is add a simple "if" case that causes it to no
  2. Thanks. Is there a list or something where I can get the windowId of the player inventory?
  3. Hi, I am trying to write some code that will detect when the player's inventory is full, move/swap condensable item types (diamonds, emeralds, coal, iron ingots, gold ingots, etc.) to the player's toolbar, and then change the player's current selected item to the condensable item types, and run a command used to condense items. I'm currently having difficulty figuring out a way to swap items in the player's inventory on the client side. Thanks, Chris
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