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  1. Hi! I'm having a problem with forge; So I recently watched this video by forge labs, and in the video he's playing modded jurassic minecraft. Ok? And so in the description of the vid he listed the mods, I don't want to write all of them down; Basically, when I go to the respective websites, and download them, the most recent versions mind you; And then I tryed running them, with forge, because that's how you run mods, and so I started forge, and it only scanned like 3 out of the 8 mods that I had, and then secondly, instead of loading them all (The Mods), it gave me an error message, stating that the mods were out of date for this version of forge; I know that this can't be true, since the youtuber released his video 3 days ago; Can someone help me please! (It only loaded two mods, and it listed the ones that didn't work)
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