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  1. Weird, that cause me to error like hell earlier. Oh well, I guess I'll try it again. Edit: okay, I got them to spawn as separate blocks that drop the respective ores. Next thing is fixing the names. I don't want my periclase called garnierite. Edit 2: And it's working, thanks for the help.
  2. Second time bothering you guys. I'll make a habit out of this So, I'm having trouble with creating a metadata block that has differing textures and name from the normal one. Main .class: And the BlockScienceMetaOre.class: Have tried a number of different methods, and I'm feeling really clueless now, so please help. For the science.
  3. Okay, I found the final mistake, thanks to diesieben's comment, which caused me to check if I was re-declaring them as different values in the PreInit... which was the case and I fixed it, thanks a lot
  4. The void functions are called in the Init, so they're basically loaded there and then... and config file can only be opened in PreInit
  5. Sadly, this did not work. I played around with the statics, too Relevant code now: Oh, and error log:
  6. So, as the title says, I have a "small" problem with configs and meta item IDs... Without further prattling, here's the code that causes the error: And the specific error stuff: as you can see, the compiler decides to just give all three of my items the item ID "256" whenever I try to use a config file to determine them... Any help is much appreciated, this is prohibiting me from doing science.
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