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  1. Hello There! In the 113th episode of Hunger Games we introduce the boost train which basically consists of multiple people boosting each other at once and its VERY effective!
  2. Hello There! Quick side note this was suppose to be uploaded a while ago but due to college stuff I got kinda busy! Today we are celebrating 3 years on YouTube! I can't believe it's actually been that long, I just want to thank every single one of you for all your support throughout those 3 years I wouldn't be where I am today without you guys! Also HUGE shout out to Ben for always being by my side and always down to make videos plus pushing me to make videos so thank you bro! But again Thank you all SO much and here's to another 3 years!
  3. Hello There! In the 111th episode of Hunger Games, the game starts out great with one of us killing a guy who usually targets us but then things take a turn for the worse in a hilarious way (probably one of the funnest episodes yet!)
  4. Hello There! In the 110th episode of Hunger Games Logan, Simi, Ben and Cad are playing the new map and well things take a turn for the worse and its just chaos and insanity throughout the WHOLE game!
  5. Hello There! Happy Halloween everyone! So to celebrate Halloween we played 3 games of Sky Battle and as well as showcasing their new Halloween maps!
  6. Hello There! We are back with Halloween Simulator this year and not much has changed but we just went through hell with another game (being posted tomorrow) so we wanted to kick back and relax with some good ol' Halloween Simulator!
  7. Hello There! In the 109th episode of Hunger Games we are on a BRAND NEW map and it also turns out to be the shortest game ever!
  8. Hello There! We are on the Winter portion of this map and honestly the Winter part was WAY easier than the Summer Part. But thank you guys so much for an amazing Summer here on the channel it's been a blast being back to YouTube and I can't wait for the Fall!
  9. Hello There! With the summer of 2022 coming to a close we wanted to do something to celebrate this great summer we had on the channel and what's better than doing some good ol' parkour! But thank you guys so much for an amazing Summer here on the channel it's been a blast being back to YouTube and I can't wait for the Fall!
  10. Hello There! We finally got access to MCC Island and you guys know what that means! We are going to be making a bunch of videos on this server! We are starting off with some Battle Box and this was actually Logan's FIRST time playing so it's going to be interesting!
  11. Hello There! In the 107th episode of Hunger Games for some reason WE CAN'T FIND ANY WEAPONS WHATSOEVER. Not even joking we searched for a good 5 minutes and NOTHING!
  12. Hello There! So it's been a hot minute since we had any Smash bros videos on the channel but I am pleased to announce that they are back! We revisit the shotbow server and see that there are new maps and items!
  13. Hello There! Who doesn't like some good old fashion parkour? Well if you do you are gonna love this map it's just some simple easy jumps and the checkpoint systems are BEDS just like the classic maps! This was such a great and fun map!
  14. Hello There! In the 106th episode of Hunger Games we are FINALLY all caught up on past videos and now we can finally show you guys the new videos we have been working on! This is one of many we have recorded and we are on the NEW Hunger Games server!
  15. Hello There! Well we are one of my most anticipated Tier lists and that is Hunger Games map rankings! Now this one will get a lot of MCSG players and OG players a little mad and look I apologize in advance!
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