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  1. Sadly this is the latest version of Minecolonies. I'll post an issue on their github and remove the mod for now. Is there anyway to force the LootTable to redo the chests that we've found?
  2. I can't read the server readout to figure out why the loot table isn't loading, but Mana and Artifice just updated to "fix the loot table bug" and it's still happening. I can see Botania, Chance Cubes and MineColonies are referenced but I'm not sure which one I remove to fix the no loot issue and which mod I go to open an issue. latest.log
  3. Server threw an error due to a Mekanism pump trying to do something. So I logged back in to try and erase the pump and when I loaded the chunk the pump was in I got the message below and now can't log in to the server again. How would I fix this? [22:41:36] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: Invalid chunk: (28, 9) Offset: 520297 Length: 24 runs off end file. .\world\DIM-1\region\r.0.-1.mca [22:41:36] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: Invalid chunk: (29, 9) Offset: 5375878 Length: 83 runs off end file. .\world\DIM-1\region\r.0.-1.mca [22:41:36] [Server thread/WARN] [net.minecraft.network.NetworkSystem]:
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