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  1. Yes, sorry for the french, I forgot to translate this, Can you explain to me how to make this json a correct json please or correct me ?
  2. I make this, it's good? { "type": "minecraft: block", "pools": [ { "rolls": 1, "entries": [ "conditions": [ { "minecraft: time_check", I check if the value is day, } { "type": "minecraft: item", "name": "eclipsium: lunarium_shard", } { "condition": "minecraft: time_check", I check if the value isn't day, } { "type" : "minecraft: élément ", " nom ":" eclipsium: solarium_shard "
  3. And it's possible to make an operation in .json? for checking if the value of time is greater than x value.
  4. Thanks I search it in this website, so, if I have good understand, if I want to put 2 possible loots, I must make 2 pools?
  5. Hello, I inquired about the loot table and I found the condition "time_check" but I don't know how use it and I don't know how put my drop after the condition, I must use a function? an other condition? (My goal is to know if is the day or no and make a drop if yes)
  6. Hello, Fews month ago I start to modding in 1.10.2, today I restart my mod but in 1.16.4, I rewritten my coded, and I have question about the loot table of my blocks, before it was in the block's class, now it's in the loot table but I have a problem, is it possible to have different loot if it is day or night? I succeed to do that in 1.10.2 with the method isDayTime() int the World class, but I don't know how do that in 1.16.4 or I don't even know if it's possible. I hope you can help me and I thanks you, I'm sorry for my english, I did what I could to make my message as
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