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  1. Hi. What I'm trying to do is set a random texture to my item, which is based on an NBT tag. Actually it's a book and I wanna to change its texture cover dynamically. I have 8 custom rarity types and 8 book cover textures per rarity type. So I have something like this: rarity_A NBT tag. Possible textures: a_book_1.png, a_book_2.png, a_book_3.png, a_book_4.png, a_book_5.png, a_book_6.png, a_book_7.png, a_book_8.png; rarity_B NBT tag. Possible textures: b_book_1.png, b_book_2.png, b_book_3.png, b_book_4.png, b_book_5.png, b_book_6.png, b_book_7.png, b_book_8.png; rarity_C
  2. Don't forget to sync your capability data in Skills#addExp otherwise you wouldn't see any changes before those events.
  3. Solved. Tip 1: Don't code for 20 hours in a row. 🙃 Tip 2: Make f sure your refmap.json file name equals to refmap field value in modid.mixins.json.
  4. Thanks, @diesieben07 but how that could help me? I'm trying to make a custom glint texture only on items with my NBT tag.
  5. Hi. I'm trying to change the glint texture on items with the specific NBT tag. So I made a couple of mixins like Quark does. But minecraft crashes with InvalidInjectionException. Forge version: 1.16.4-35.1.13 Mappings version: 20201028-1.16.3 Crash log: Caused by: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.throwables.MixinApplyError: Mixin [assets/thelostarcanum/thelostarcanum.mixins.json:ItemRendererMixin] from phase [DEFAULT] in config [assets/thelostarcanum/thelostarcanum.mixins.json] FAILED during APPLY at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinProcessor.handleMixinError(MixinPr
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