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  1. This is the modpack we made: https://we.tl/t-ENwKB2pard, (I removed optifine because I know it causes a lot of crashes and changes the log, but my friends are able to play the modpack with optifine fine, I myself do get the same bug with optifine installed).
  2. Also I want to add that I was able to play a modpack in 1.12.2 with I think 78 mods, now in 1.16.4 I started removing mods (because I thought some mod was causing the issue) and when I started adding mods above 77 it started doing this glitch. All previous session were able to start just fine (without having to wait more than 2 hours).
  3. It says: Java | 75% CPU | 1:42:00 CPU-Time | 42 Threads | 70433 Idle Wake-ups Not sure what idle wake-ups means but it doesn't seem right.
  4. I've let minecraft run since my last comment, but are you sure it's my CPU it's still stuck at 'Atlas Stitching: .../blocks.png' This can't be rigth can it?
  5. I'm using 6GB for Minecraft, CPU: 1.8GHz Intel Core i5, RAM: 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 I'm trying Saksham4106's solution right now.
  6. Forge Version: 35.1.13 Minecraft Version: 1.16.4 Logs: https://pastebin.com/wScgFqkX Description: Whenever I launch forge it stops loading in the Atlas Stitching. All my friends play with the exact same modpack on a server togheter, the only difference is that they play on Windows 10 and I'm on a Mac.
  7. Minecraft Version: 1.16.4 Forge Version: 35.1.13, 35.1.12, 35.1.11 Logs: https://pastebin.pl/view/3a8eee5d Description: Everytime I launch forge I get stuck on step 'Atlas Stitching: .../textures/painting.png'. It won't load any further and freezes completely. Looking st the bug reports I could find a similar report like mine but on forge 1.16.2, nothing else that I could use so help is appreciated!
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