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  1. https://gist.github.com/Yusuf7895/6522072e0bb82db49c7902ec79ce6166 Latest.log posted here because I dont find any debug log
  2. Looks to be the same problem? even with epic fight deleted 2021-04-29-1.log.gz
  3. https://gist.github.com/Yusuf7895/603a818ceeed2e87b67ce98a5df67e70 sorry didnt realize that
  4. Theres no debug.log I checked everything and even relaunched the world The only thing I found/created during that relaunch was latest.log The upload keeps failing error code -200 I will post the log in github https://github.com/Yusuf7895/Code/issues/1 There will be latest.log and u can download it from there
  5. No reply in 2 years? I feel bad for you man did your forge work?
  6. Maybe recheck the code a couple of times? Im just a random guy who found this post
  7. world stops loading at 53%2021-04-18-1.log.gz
  8. Sorry for late reply crash-2021-02-24_22.01.02-fml.txt
  9. didnt write the quitting message. My bro wrote it he got access over my pc while I was gone for the day. I dont want to quit and waste my work sorry here some logs for some reason it stopped loading again? thanks for helping me again debug.log.zip latest.log.zip
  10. when I entered a world/created one it quit unexpectly
  11. Your helping me so much. How do you figure out crash reports and logs?????? All I see is gibberish 2021-02-21-1.log.gz debug-1.log.gz
  12. crash report created thanks crash-2021-02-20_16.25.39-client.txt
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