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  1. Understood, and I'll go check that out. Thank you so much!
  2. Okay, thanks for the help! A few questions. BLOCKS and ITEMS are in the same class as each other- it's called 'registry'. (forgot to capitalize, oops- I'll fix that momentarily.) What exactly shouldn't be in separate classes? Are you saying that my actual RegistryObjects (the individual blocks, items, etc.) should all be in the same class? Or that the DeferredRegisters should all be in the same class? Or that all the RegistryObject<Block>s should be in the same class as the DeferredRegister<Block>, and the RegistryObject<Item>s should be in the same class as the Defer
  3. From my understanding, all of my blocks, items, and whatnot should be registered like this: public static final RegistryObject<Block> CRASH_PAD = registry.BLOCKS.register("crash_pad", () -> new CrashPadBlock(AbstractBlock.Properties.of(Material.CLAY, MaterialColor.GRASS).friction(0.8F).sound(SoundType.SLIME_BLOCK).noOcclusion())); public static final RegistryObject<Item> ALCHEMICAL_FLASK = registry.ITEMS.register("alchemical_flask", () -> new Item(new Item.Properties().tab(ItemGroup.TAB_MATERIALS))); If I then wished to refer to the crash_pad Block, or the alch
  4. createBlockStateDefinition seems to have done the trick, at least for now- the game does not crash on startup! I'll have to investigate more to make sure things are actually working (and, y'know, actually do something with the blockstates) but I'm leaving that to tomorrow. Thank you all for the help!
  5. Every implementation of blockstates I've been able to find (including the one you just linked) does something along the lines of: this.setDefaultState(this.stateDefinition.any().setValue(LEVEL, Integer.valueOf(0))); but setDefaultState shows up red and IntelliJ claims it can't resolve the symbol. I assume the method's been renamed. Where can I find it? If it's registerDefaultState then I'm already using that, so that's not the solution (oh well). As for your suggestion of what is needed, adding that method did not change the outcome- in fact, it threw an error because it did
  6. Apologies for the repeat, then. Do you have any advice relating to my main problem?
  7. I'm currently trying to make a new cauldron-type block, and I'm having difficulty implementing blockstates. Here's the relevant part of the alchemical cauldron's code: public class AlchemicalCauldronBlock extends Block { public static final IntegerProperty LEVEL = IntegerProperty.create("level", 1, 3); private static final VoxelShape INSIDE = box(2.0D, 4.0D, 2.0D, 14.0D, 16.0D, 14.0D); protected static final VoxelShape SHAPE = VoxelShapes.join(VoxelShapes.block(), VoxelShapes.or(box(0.0D, 0.0D, 4.0D, 16.0D, 3.0D, 12.0D), box(4.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D, 12.0D, 3.0D, 16.0D), box(2.0
  8. Sounds good. Jury-rigged constructor nonsense it is.
  9. In the mod I'm working on, I want to have several items which have the same function (searching for entities and making noise when they are found) but with different parameters (search radius, which entity to look for, what noise to make, etc.). In Forge, what is the best way to handle this? My first attempt simply involved copying the code over to each item, but the hassle of changing all of them every time I want to edit the code has grown enough that I'm looking for a more complicated way of approaching the problem. Should I make a 'SeekerGeneric' class containing all the relevant code
  10. I'm very new to Minecraft modding, and one thing that's still causing me some confusion is the client/server dichotomy. From what I understand (via reading the Forge documentation), they're separate and it's very bad to do things on the wrong side. My questions are: How do I know which side to do something on? How do I know when it matters? Does every single statement need to be prefaced with something like if (world.isRemote()) {}? How can I check that I've done things correctly? There's a 'runServer' thing in IntelliJ, but it says I need to agree to the EULA somehow and I
  11. Thank you for the help! I got it to work... in theory, at least. One of the two mods I need to import works fine. The other crashes, for some reason, despite the fact that I've a) played with that version of the mod just fine and b) imported it as a dependency just fine. Here's the build.gradle for another mod, where I successfully imported citadel and ice-and-fire-dragons. Here's my current build.gradle. Citadel works, but as soon as I add Ice & Fire, the game crashes with this log. It says it's a problem within Ice & Fire, but since it works in those other contexts I'm some
  12. Update: as soon as I change 'https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven' to "https://www.cursemaven.com", as cursemaven.com suggests I should, refreshing gradle produces this error: I think this means I need to change this line in my build.gradle: dependencies { classpath group: 'net.minecraftforge.gradle', name: 'ForgeGradle', version: '4.1.+', changing: true } but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing that. (If you need any more information, please ask for it- I'm quite a bit out of my depth here.)
  13. Forge isn't a mod. Don't put it in your mods folder. siodemkacavebiomes isn't a Forge mod. You can't use it with Forge. I don't know what's wrong with Biomes O'Plenty, but removing it should fix whatever problem it's having.
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