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  1. Ah, I should known "EntityType#spawn" actually spawns the entity. It's all fixed now, thanks for the help.
  2. I'm trying to store mobs inside an item using compounds. To write the mob into compound I use: mob.addAdditionalSaveData(compound); When all data is stored in the item I use this to discard it. mob.discard() The compound also stores the mobs resource location and I use this to spawn and set the data: // Resource location stored in entity tag. EntityType<?> type = ForgeRegistries.ENTITIES.getValue(new ResourceLocation(stack.getOrCreateTag().getString("entity"))); // I use this to get the entity. I'm using 'MobSpawnType.BUCKET' which may not be correct, if so please inform me what else to use. Entity entity = type.spawn(level, stack, null, pos, MobSpawnType.BUCKET, true, false); // Adding data. ((LivingEntity)entity).readAdditionalSaveData(stack.getOrCreateTag().getCompound("data")); // Spawning level.addFreshEntity(entity); When spawning the logger outputs for example: UUID of added entity already exists: Horse['Horse'/128, l='ServerLevel[Test World]', x=-93.50, y=72.00, z=52.50] And the UUID always increments with 2 so if I summon it again it would say 'Horse'/130, 'Horse'/132, 'Horse'/134 etc. How can I prevent this?
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