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  1. So ... does it fix the problem or not If it does, disable the lighting when rendering and enable it when you exit the scope.
  2. I'm surprised nobody has ever had such a problem before. Having some data on the client side is essential for my plans and it's going to be a core mod anyways. I'm thinking of putting a custom client manager of sort either in Minecraft class or FMLClientHandler class ( and so the initialization problem would be a goner ). Any thoughts which one's a better option? Maybe other ideas? I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I feel like it's not the problem with the overlay itself. Are you using a custom helmet? Maybe there's the problem.
  4. But I've told you that already: You need to put your texture file inside of the minecraft.jar file. Open it up with any archiver like WinZIP, 7-Zip and paste your texture in there.
  5. It's not really that amazing Though I'm glad I could help
  6. Doesn't matter, it will be streched to fit the entire screen anyways.
  7. It's just a matter of a custom texture file. Make your new overlay with transparency ( in GIMP for instance, but could be pretty much anything ), save it in PNG format and paste it into jars/bin/minecraft.jar/... Then in my paste change this part: %blur%/misc/pumpkinblur.png ... into: %blur%/<your path to the new texture inside the minecraft.jar> That's what I was rambling all about all this time This method has one big disadvantage: you will have all of these HUD elements like: experience bar, handy inventory at the bottom of the screen, health and hunger levels covered by the overlay texture. There's no way around it unfortunately. Unless you modify the Minecraft. Or a miracle happens and the Forge team puts some render handlers in there to have some control over layering the overlays but I don't think it's gonna happen any time soon Cheers
  8. Alrighty then ... with this code you will get the following result ( in my case when wearing a golden helmet - just change it ): Bear in mind though, that it will cover all of the existing HUD elements ( just as in the image ). Also the helmet overlay is not drawn when a menu is opened, because that would cover the entire menu Here's the code for the renderer: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/6cff4e04 Also, add the following line in your mod init method: TickRegistry.registerTickHandler(new RenderHUD(), Side.CLIENT); That should do the trick. Let me know if that's what were you looking for
  9. It's not really that complicated. The reason why I didn't explain a thing on how to implement a TickHandler is because I didn't know if you want to use them It's just a copy-paste job, I'm sure you'd handle that I'm sorry to hear you're eventually dumping the idea though. Cheers!
  10. Well there's no other option. You either render it with in your TickHandler class ( but your helmet overlay will be rendered over existing HUD elements, like experience bar, hearts and stuff ) or you modify the stock Minecraft GUI classes which handle this. If you're going to modify the method rendering the HUD, just add another condition and copy the method that renders the pumpkin overlay changing the name of the texture. I don't think the TickHandler will be of use in this case, because just like I've said it would cover all of your existing HUD elements.
  11. If you want to see how it's implemented, take a look there: net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiIngame.java, line 85 It's hard coded and there's no rendering handles around for you to use. The only option I see is to make your own TickHandler, which should receive the RENDER TickType. Put your rendering methods in the tickEnd(...) method and monitor the client if he's wearing your helmet. Edit: I forgot that it will overlay the current HUD elements. That might be bit of a problem indeed ... Ah well.
  12. But the glass block is. You've asked for glass, you've got glass. What else do ya need then? I mean glass block Oh I don't know, then I suppose 90% of the blocks in game must not be normal to you. Fine then: a glass block is not normal. But I feel like I'm missing the point
  13. You change your constructor to receive four arguments instead of two, so no wonder you get the error. But the glass block is. You've asked for glass, you've got glass. What else do ya need then?
  14. Glass, like a stock glass block in Minecraft? Just follow the basic block tutorial on the Forge wiki and the actual BlockGlass.java, but there's nothing fancy really. The transparency of the block is due to the texture itself ( in comparison: the ice block uses blending and is a bit more difficult to implement ).
  15. Some methods in Minecraft instance might get handy: Minecraft.getMinecraft().isSingleplayer() && !Minecraft.getMinecraft().getIntegratedServer().getPublic() This condition is met when playing "Singleplayer" and the server you're running is not opened to LAN.
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