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  1. I mean like username policy, like no less than 3 chars and no more than 16 latin only and no special symbols. is there anything like that? or i can connect to the server with 50 chars in my nickname joined by underscore :^)
  2. Does minecraft forge server have any player's username requirements?
  3. reloading works just fine, and for adding and removing i can extract GameProfiles from PlayersList. Thank you a lot!
  4. Oh, got the server from my event.. nvm, i'll try it, though im not sure if thats a correct way
  5. Im really sorry, i feel really stupid. How do i reflectively invoke the methods? Most of them require CommandSource, to get the server, where can i get it? And if i try to make "my own server" i need CommandSource.. so its some sort of the loop here, plus these "p_201302_1_" and so on things that count as CommandSource make me wonder what and why.
  6. Is it possible or not? I found "WhitelistCommand" class that implements what i need, but its purpose is not for that and most of the methods are private, with "funny" arguments
  7. Well, im updating it from SQL database, could do it other way, not through a mod, but this wont solve my problem
  8. If i update my whitelist through mod, like parse it out and apply changes (which is silly), im pretty sure minecraft server wont do a thing and only after restart those changes will start to work and restarting the server just for that is kinda strange.
  9. Is it possible to reload whitelist from mod without restarting a server? Couldn't find anything related on forum. Thanks in advance!
  10. My mod extends the default whitelist behaviour to check if the connecting user is present in sql database, im listening to "PlayerEvent.PlayerLoggedInEvent" to make any nessery checks there, but apperently that event gets fired right after, or at the same time as the message "joined the game" got sent. How can i control those messages? Or is there any other event that i could hook to so none of those chat notifications get sent before any checks made? Thx in advance.
  11. Hm, okay, thanks! I'll try to do something like that
  12. Hi, im creating server side only mod and im looking into how to provide this mod with data that should be supplied by servers admin (supposedly cfg file). A lot of guides suggest to use Configuration class, but is seems it got deleted from forges library, how do i do it then? Should i do it myself and straight up access the file by a relative path or there is something else that i can do? in case you wonder what could "admin" provide, my mod requires access to sql database and i need a correct connection link for it. It might be that someone already had similar question (i cant find anything), if so, pls provide the forum link. Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance.
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