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  1. in this instance i would need to change my version of Forge to something newer but when I do that other mods that work now, won't work after I change the version.
  2. I make sure to use 1.16.4 mods but minecraft says, for example: "Biomes O plenty requires an older version of Forge. Current version: 35.1.4." If i use the most latest version of forge I have the same problems.
  3. what do you mean by forge and mods do not work across minecraft versions??
  4. I just got minecraft java edition 1.16.4 and I got forge (35.1.4 because i had tried the newest version but the same problems occurr so i tried the recommended version on the install page. ) and optifine working together. But when I use big mods like Decocraft or Bibliocraft, an error screen pops up saying "error has been found while loading" (something like that) The error says that, for example: "decocraft requires an older version of forge." and its the same with bibliocraft and mo creatures. but some mods like, fairylights and natures compass work. The reason i can't use a different versio
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