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  1. When I tried to load my new mod and create a new world, it loads correctly, but when I join the world, everything is just void, and no commands or chat messages work. This doesn't happen on worlds that have already been loaded. After I save and quit, it just gets suck on the "saving world" screen and can't close without use of the task manager or terminating the program directly. Code is below and console log below that. package chixen.linemod.core.event; import chixen.linemod.LineMod; import net.minecraft.util.math.vector.Vector3d; import net.minecraftforge.api.distmarker.Dist; import ne
  2. That is the exact problem that I am facing. I want the speed in that direction to be 0. Watch the video I sent for a visual.
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you mean, What exactly do i change? Do I set the event to PlayerTickEvent? Is the issue with the if statement? I tried changing the event to PlayerTickEvent but nothing changed. I also tried some tests to see if the game isn't recognizing the velocity changes, but the player velocity never exceeds over 0 for over a tick even though the player is clearly moving. (Im using a version that sets all horizontal velocity to 0 for bugtesting purposes)
  4. Update: here's a video displaying the bug
  5. I'm trying to force the player onto one specific line along their Minecraft world by setting their velocity to always follow that line, but the player can still walk off of it with very reduced speed, but still enough to get anywhere. My code is below but it has some complicated math to set the line, so I'll also leave a simplified version of the code with the same problem below it. public class EventHandler { @SubscribeEvent public static void onMove(final LivingUpdateEvent event) { if(event.getEntity() instanceof PlayerEntity) { final double d = 1; final double cd = Math.cos(
  6. bump because I really need help with this.
  7. I tried this, but now it's making me only go up a little bit, instead of the regular amount. new code below: public class EventHandler { @SubscribeEvent public static void land(final LivingFallEvent event) { if(!event.getEntity().isSuppressingBounce()) { Vector3d vel = event.getEntity().getDeltaMovement(); System.out.printf("%-11s %-11s %-11s\n", vel.x, vel.y, vel.z); if (vel.y < 0.0) { double d = event.getEntity() instanceof LivingEntity ? 1.0 : 0.8; System.out.printf("%7.3f\n",d); event.getEntity().setDeltaMovement(vel.x, -vel.y * d, vel.z);
  8. I've been looking at this for a while and still can't get a fix for it? can someone help me on the right track?
  9. public class EventHandler { @SubscribeEvent public static void land(final LivingFallEvent event) { if(!event.getEntity().isSuppressingBounce()) { event.getEntity().setDeltaMovement(event.getEntity().getDeltaMovement().multiply(0.0, -1.0, 0.0)); event.setDamageMultiplier(0); } } } Here's my code, but It's not doing anything.
  10. I'm trying to set the player y velocity to 1 whenever the player hits the ground, but for some reason it's only working when the player takes damage. Anyone know how to combat this? I did some debug testing and found out that the LivingFallEvent is activating twice or more when I hit the ground, for some reason.
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