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  1. Not really sure how to get hold of that i'm sorry!
  2. Hi, im new to modded minecraft on Java (been in bedrock for years) so i'm not sure if this is me doing something silly or something else bug related so after some guidance. Ive got a few mods running on a seed i've found (along with a shader pack) but in new worlds I am unable to warp in the nether through portals. I get the purple effects for ages and nothing happens. Its a new world only a few days old so not huge in chunk size. Tried an old save on a different seed prior to installing mods and all was ok, also in creative in the same seed it worked fine. Have removed mods to see if any where causing issues but i don't think they are. Anyone seen this before or offer any help to get Portals functioning? Its driving me mad trying to get them working as don't really want to have to restart more seeds/saves to find its the same issue Ive checked the mod pages in case other have reported issues, but didnt see anything. Appreciate any help (be nice im new here lol) Thanks!
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