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  1. For me now it looks hard, for the first realization I will youse "me vatiant" I think soon I will change it to Global Loot Modifiers. When I will have more experiense. Anyways thanks a lot. It was very helpful
  2. It isn't for beginners at all. Yes?
  3. So, this variant doesn't allow modpack makers use datapacks. And the best way without restriction is Global Loot Modifiers. So, global_loot_modifiers.json and The serialized json look simple but The LootModifier Subclass... Is it example for loot in chests? Or it is for every loot table
  4. Ok. What are the differences between this variant and Global Loot Modifiers? As you explained(and as I understand) I can overwrite vanila loot table but if another mod do the same, 1 of us won't work Global Loot Modifiers can "add" items to loot tables and if more than 1 mod change loot table it still will work And this variant - it works, but as you said it wrong tool for it. Why it's wrong tool, what's wrong?
  5. I have done it! Yahooo So, I didn't used your variant. I take part of code from https://github.com/TeamMetallurgy/Aquaculture/blob/b5a006328b298a6d61b1f26379da8809423c017c/src/main/java/com/teammetallurgy/aquaculture/init/AquaLootTables.java and part from https://github.com/TheIllusiveC4/CombustiveFishing/blob/master/src/main/java/top/theillusivec4/combustivefishing/common/registry/CombustiveFishingLoot.java And make my own code Anyways, thanks a lot :3
  6. How and for what I can use it? I need to add items to fishing. I realized that I could change a vanilla fishing loot table(i tried it and it works) but i think that it isn't so easy So, I'm newbie in modding and I can be dumb sometimes
  7. Hello, I'm newbie in minecraft modding and i'm stuck. I need to add new items to fishing loot table but I don't know how. I created fish.json in loot_tables/gameplay/fishing and add here my fish. But it don't work, as I understand I need to registry or smth else this "fish"(if not, please correct me). I saw code of some open sourse mods like "Aquacuture 2" and they do smth like this: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = BetterFishing.MOD_ID) public class LootTableInit { public static final ResourceLocation FISH = register("gameplay/fishing/fish"); private static Resource
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