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  1. For the record, we made decent progress. Learned how to activate logging and read the log file in .minecraft folder. Found that I had mis-configured execution options (heap 64M when 32M was the max allowable). Fixed that and latest versions of Forge started working. May be able to get the older ones working too, by using an Oracle 1.8 jvm. But my son is having fun with forge and some recent mods.
  2. Hi, I've built a computer for my 9 year old son who loves Minecraft. He wants to run the ElectroBlobs mod, among others. I'm trying to use Manjaro Linux. The regular Minecraft runs fine on it. But I can't figure out, and can't understand, how to use Forge to run mods. When I install and run any version of Forge, it just crashes, before running any mod. My son says you have to run an older version of Forge to run ElectroBlobs, but this site says those are not supported, so that is confusing too. I've been searching the Internet for help, and it seems it may have to do with the versi
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