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  1. I think I am a fool. I just realized that it's trying to ping my website for an update JSON but it has none, hence the error. I'll just remove the website from the mods.toml, which has fixed the error.
  2. I have this state error that occurs after the initialization process completes when launching the game. It does not crash the game, it is however annoying because it makes Intellij switch windows. [15:56:29] [Forge Version Check/DEBUG] [ne.mi.fm.VersionChecker/]: [celticshift] Received version check data: <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Bythewoodside</title> <base href="/"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="f
  3. Actually it does not seem to have to do with the RenderType being transparent as even a fully opaque vanilla one still has clouds on top. Here's the EntityRenderer class: public class BeamAttackRenderer extends EntityRenderer<BeamAttackEntity> { public static final ResourceLocation BEAM_TEXTURE = new ResourceLocation(CelticShift.MOD_ID, "textures/entity/lightning_beam.png"); private static final RenderType BEAM_RENDERTYPE = ModRenderType.getEntityNoOutline(BEAM_TEXTURE); public BeamAttackRenderer(EntityRendererManager renderManager) { super(renderMana
  4. Note the clouds being rendered in front of the beam texture. I am accomplishing this by extending RenderType to add my own static RenderType provider method: public static RenderType getBeam(ResourceLocation locationIn) { RenderState.TextureState renderstate$texturestate = new RenderState.TextureState(locationIn, false, false); return RenderType.makeType("beam", DefaultVertexFormats.ENTITY, 7, 256, false, true, RenderType.State .getBuilder() .texture(renderstate$texturestate) .trans
  5. I also found that I can set Entity.ignoreFrustumCheck to true, which is used in the default "shouldRender" method. Thank you both for the leads!
  6. I have an entity whose render model extends decently far outside its hitbox. This creates a possibility for the player to look away from the hitbox and see the render model suddenly disappear. Is there a way to extend the render cone for specific entities? Or have them be always rendered even when not in the cone?
  7. My custom entity: public class BeamAttackEntity extends Entity { private Vec3d to; private int lifeTicksRemaining; private Entity sourceEntity; public BeamAttackEntity(EntityType<? extends BeamAttackEntity> entityType, World world) { super(entityType, world); } public BeamAttackEntity(Vec3d from, Vec3d to, int lifeTicks, World world) { super(ModEntityTypes.BEAM_ATTACK.get(), world); this.setPosition(from.x, from.y, from.z); this.to = to; this.lifeTicksRemaining = lifeTicks; this.sourceEntity = null; }
  8. Oop, I was looking at sendPacketWithinDistance. I didn't realize I could grab the list of players and send each one a packet on a whim. I misunderstood the code at first!
  9. I figured that, but how do I manually send packets without using reflection to expose the packet sending method? Or is there not a way?
  10. I have an item which I want to spawn a specific particle for the user, and then a separate particle for other players. Spawning one exclusively for the player using is easy enough, but spawning a particle server side has no way to exclude a specific player. Is there a way to do this without reflection?
  11. In the BakedModel class in SeparatePerspectiveModel, I changed func_230044_c_()/isSideLit() to return always false. That fixed the lighting issue with the GUI icon, but I cannot tell if it had any effect on the 3D model or not. It doesn't seem to have.
  12. Thanks for the diff! Nearly there, except the 2D GUI icon is darker than other 2D items. Is there some flag I need to set?
  13. I have found also that setting the "base" model to be "item/generated" also results in a blank hand-held item. Something about SeparatePerspectiveModel doesn't like stock item models, it seems? EDIT: I see now that I cannot use existing model templates due to them requiring their own model loader... So I'll need to make the item model from scratch. EDIT2: Upon further inspection, it should still be trying to use the appropriate model loader for items when SeparatePerspectiveModel deserializes the perspective objects. So I am confused as to why it's not working.
  14. @diesieben07 Alright so I have the following, and the base model seems to be functioning just fine. However the GUI perspective just shows up as blank. No "missing model/texture" purple and black icon, just blank. Any idea why that might be? I put some log messages in the code and found that it is detecting the GUI item model, and is loading it. It's just not doing it correctly for some reason. { "loader": "mymodid:separate-perspective", "base": { "textures": { "0": "mymodid:item/flintlock", "particle": "mymodid:item/flintlock" }, "elements": [ {
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