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  1. Apparently my repository is cursed. It worked perfectly in other repositories. Thank you very much.
  2. When I reproduced it as another mod, it worked fine. I'll port the code to this mod and test it. I would appreciate it if you could tell me why it doesn't work. https://github.com/Yuki-At/RenderMod
  3. Ah, I'm sorry. I will try to reproduce it in personal project.
  4. This is a mod that reproduces the GTA Wanted Star. 1. Build a PaperMC 1.15.2 server. 2. Copy https://github.com/TeamKun/GTAWantedDisplayTestPlugin/releases to plugins and do /reload or /restart. 3. Build https://github.com/TeamKun/GTA5WantedDisplayMod and enter the Bukkit server. 4. From the player, run /wanted <maxWanted> <nowWanted>. Note: maxWanted is the maximum number of stars and nowWanted is the number of stars to change Five stars will wrap to the next line. Test case: Input /wanted 10 4 Expected output: ★★★★☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ Input /want
  5. Originally it was created to connect Bukkit and Forge with a Plugin Message. nowWanted is a dedicated plug-in "https://github.com/TeamKun/GTAWantedDisplayTestPlugin" Changed from "/ wanted <max> <now>". The server is Bukkit Server, not Forge Server. Also, nowWanted if passed safely and I was able to get standard output. I look forward to working with you. Also, this mod does not need to send packets, it intercepts packets from the server. I pushed the code for this log. public void draw() { if (nowWanted == 0) return; System.out.println
  6. I'm sorry, when pasting from IDE, the variable name seems to disappear around the color... It actually compiles and draw () seems to be running. <-Checked with standard output. Also, my code is posted on GitHub, and if you have any questions, please take a look there. Also, I modified the code. https://github.com/TeamKun/GTA5WantedDisplayMod
  7. @SubscribeEvent public void onRender(final RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre event) { if (event.getType() != RenderGameOverlayEvent.ElementType.ALL/*HEALTH*/) return; DrawTest.draw(); } public void draw() { if (nowWanted == 0) return; IngameGui gui = Minecraft.getInstance().ingameGUI; int maxWidth = Minecraft.getInstance().getMainWindow().getWidth(); int maxHeight = Minecraft.getInstance().getMainWindow().getHeight(); int width = Regions.getStringWidth(StringUtils.repeat(/*'\u2606'*/"a", 5)); String nowS= StringUtils.repeat(/*'\u2605'*/"a", 5); St
  8. (Please forgive me for using a translator. I wanted to show strings on the display and created a project in 1.15.2. I ported from the code that worked in 1.8.9, but apparently it doesn't work in 1.15.2. In the code of 1.8.9 I used Minecraft.getInstance().fontRenderer.drawStringWithShadow() from RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre. Since there was the same method in 1.15.2, I wrote it as it is, but it seems that it does not work. I also tried, but it didn't work. I also tried RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post and so on. Can anyone please teach me how to display the character string in
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