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  1. Tysm! This will save me so much time.
  2. Is it possible to make a furnace recipe with data generators? Sorta like this ShapedRecipeBuilder.shapedRecipe(ModBlocks.CHISELED_BRICKS.get()) .key('#', Blocks.BRICK_SLAB) .patternLine("#") .patternLine("#") .addCriterion("has item", hasItem(Blocks.BRICK_SLAB)) .build(consumer); But for furnaces.
  3. Tysm! Whoops, I thought I posted it under Modder Support. Sorry about that...
  4. I am able to create the wall block and it can connect to other blocks. My problem is they won't connect to themselves. The picture shows the problem. I also can't get the item to look correct. My code: Makes Wall Block public static final RegistryObject<WallBlock> WHITE_BRICK_WALL = register("white_brick_wall", () -> new WallBlock(AbstractBlock.Properties.create(Material.ROCK).hardnessAndResistance(2, 6).sound(SoundType.STONE))); Block State wallBlock(ModBlocks.WHITE_BRICK_WALL.get(), modLo
  5. Tysm! I was able to get it working
  6. Is there a way to generate stonecutter recipes using data generators like this? ShapelessRecipeBuilder.shapelessRecipe(ModItems.WHITE_BRICK.get()) .addIngredient(Tags.Items.INGOTS_BRICK) .addIngredient(Tags.Items.DYES_WHITE) .addCriterion("has item", hasItem(Tags.Items.INGOTS_BRICK)) .build(consumer); I've looked around but can't seem to find one
  7. TYSSSM!! It means a lot to me that you helped!
  8. I'm very new to modding (this is my first mod), so sorry if this seem stupid. I'm using data generators to generate my recipes and whenever I run them it doesn't give any errors, but it also fails to generate the recipes. My Code: package net.Pinary_Pi.my1stmod.data.recipes; import java.util.function.Consumer; import net.minecraft.data.IFinishedRecipe; import net.minecraft.data.RecipeProvider; import net.Pinary_Pi.gear.item.CraftingItems; import net.Pinary_Pi.my1stmod.setup.ModItems import net.Pinary_Pi.my1stmod.setup.ModTags; i
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