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  1. @Luis_ST Okay, but how would I start that? Like where do the folders need to be to get my server to see the Loot table?
  2. I am able to Generate new Blocks and Items into my very simple mod ( just has Copper Ore ) while I learn. When it comes to those items I am able to generate the texture just fine, but I get a little stuck how how to allow the new blocks to generate their own item. Is Loot tables the correct thing? or should I be looking for something else? Don't even know where to begin, so details would be helpful. Thank you in advice.
  3. Can someone please fully explain this then? How are they loaded automatically? At the moment I have my project file (where do I create the Data folder then) In Src/main/resources or just where I have the file now?
  4. @Luis_ST thanks for the information. I’ll check it out.
  5. Hello all, I am fairly new to the whole modding for Minecraft and I I’m stuck spend about 5 hours researching where to go, how to use loot Tables, but I’m still a little stuck. I’ve created two blocks in my mod, but when I break them I’m getting no item. I know I have to use Lott Tables. Does anyone know where or could show me the best way to create / start off the generation for Loot Table? Like I’m I just using .json files out of the loot_table folder, or is there Java somewhere that can point me in the correct location? Anything will help at this point. Would love some pointers.
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