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  1. Just trying to get support.. didn't mean to redistribute
  2. Health bar for raid stuck on my screen with no mobs attacking/spawning.. Broken. Super annoying as I built my home nearby. My modpack..[Link Removed] everything else in the mod works without any issues
  3. Hi there! I am currently running a 1.16.5 Forge Survival server and have an idea for a mod that I would like to pay someone with experience to create for my server. Mod idea: A PvP focused mod that incentivizes combat. Mod name idea: PvP Bounties -A player that has not killed anyone has their name in GREEN above their head. -A player that has killed someone has their name in RED above their head (Resets to GREEN after 72 hours of no player killing). *When a RED player hits 3 unique kills (cannot farm the same person) a waypoint is set for ever
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