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  1. when i play on my world with my mods it keeps crashing/glitching and if i save and quit to title it stays in a infinite loop of saying ''saving world" i hope i can get some support for this becouse i have to restart my pc to shut it down alt+f4 wont even work then
  2. I dont know anything about these errors but i hope u can help me becouse if i start a survival world on 1.12.2 wih mods it crashes and says -1 error code or somthing can you help me?
  3. latest.logwhen i start my 1.12.2 mods it keeps saying exit code 0 can someone help me with this? i put the latest log in here so u can fix it.
  4. where do i do that? sorry im not really that good in the computer stuff
  5. If i make a new world it keeps saying a fatal error has occurred,this connection is terminated please someone tell me how to fix this becouse i really wanna play with these mods
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