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  1. we arent using Opti fine anymore and no specific reason we had just picked 1.16.1 We were able to fix it luckily Thanks for helping!
  2. https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/67da489b94904f66acadfdb9c43b06ec Sorry it took long to get the log
  3. would I copy and paste it on here or is there a place I can like show it on?
  4. How can I show the servers debug log is it in the log folder and be named debug log? Sorry I'm new to this so I'm not sure how to do that
  5. Me and my friends started a modded server the version is 1.16.1 and we have 23 mods installed on it. We were playing it in vanilla at first but then after some hours we started to add mods onto the server (not sure if this caused the issue) we noticed that somethings were not coming up in the crafting table output box for example I was trying to make a bowl but the bowl wasn't popping out to put it in my inventory we arent sure what's the issue since in single player we can craft both the modded items and vanilla items but in the server we cant craft them at all. I've been searching for a solu
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