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  1. so is there anyway that i can copy the world and use it with forge
  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lIZLDI40nI-DyAqA2PUu5TP3va3Tfb2v?usp=sharing here is the link
  3. Every time I attach it it says upload failed
  4. Every time I try to add the folder it just unpacks the folder in the reply, is that ok?
  5. I first tried with 1.16.4 and now I've been trying with 1.16.5.
  6. So when I tried to open my world, which could be opened on the regular version of Minecraft, it says reading world information. Than after that it goes to the loading screen (The screen with dirt blocks). It stays on that screen until I try to close out java when it says the game has crashed. What I find even weirder is that I can use forge to open any other world and use mods on them so I am really confused on what the issue is. I have also tryed to reinstall forge and that will not work. Someone please help.
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