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  1. As the title says, I want to open a screen to a player when he presses a button. I've tried to use the KeyInputEvent, but now I don't know how to get the player that pressed the button. Is their any way to get the player that pressed the buton? Thanks
  2. Thanks, thats what I was searching for
  3. There is already a version of Valhesia 3 for 1.16.5. I think you should try using the mod version which is made for the Minecraft version
  4. Hey, I've been trying to make a bar for my tileEntity, which shows the energy storage percentage. I have seen that the Vanilla screens are using the blit() function to do this. Can someone explain me what exactly it does and what parameters i need. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I think the title says it all. I can't override hasCapability() beacuse ICapabilityProvider don't add this method, altough the docs says it do. Thank You for your help!
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