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  1. Oof. I solved it. For those who wanna know: I tried every single mod. There were some little incompatibilities that needed to be fixed. What exactly causes this error must be most likely tested out i guess...
  2. Additional info: https://pastebin.com/dGKb70Be This might give some more info. Its the Minecraft Log itself.
  3. Hey there. I am creating a modpack right now. It included 104 Mods for 1.16.4 The Pack launches just fine and working very nicely. However, a server including all of this does launch, but throws a lot of errors and when connecting to it, everyone just can't. And there is always this very helpful error message: [Netty Epoll Server IO #2/ERROR] [minecraft/NettyPacketEncoder]: java.lang.NullPointerException Without any mods, the Server launches perfectly and everyone can connect just fine so the server setup might not be the issue. Wh
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