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  1. how do i know if i installed correctly? it works good when i run it on my computer any thoughts on how i can fix it on the host?
  2. https://gist.github.com/PurityLive/fa9d73909e340393c6824e4f8afbcb9a
  3. i just tried and it exceeds the ammount of kbs u can do for free lmao
  4. when i try to upload the debug.log it gives me an error and when i copy and paste the text it tells me its too long. is there any other way i can send it?
  5. my bad, i think this one is the correct one: debug-1.log.gz
  6. Whenever i start the server it gives me a bunch of errors and gets stuck. I ran the server on my pc and it runs just fine but when i copied it over to sparked host (that's where im hosting it) it does not work. pls help im a noob lol debug-1.log
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