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  1. Will do! Thank you for the help, I'll let you know if it works!
  2. I let it load for about 20-30 min when I first got it. And I just thought about this, but I have a gaming laptop, and I have a few other games on it as well. Could they be taking up space and making it slow down?
  3. I use the Minecraft launcher, and here's the log: latest.log Also, did not realize I needed Optifine for the shaderpack, thanks for letting me know!
  4. Update: decided to try a run the regular Minecraft java 1.16.5 (not Forge) and that isn't loading either. I only get an exit code, which is 0. The debug log is exactly the same. The only thing I've changed from when it worked fine (before this post) to now is that I downloaded Minecraft Forge and two Java downloads: JDK 15.0.2 and Java 8 Update 281. I'm guessing I've done something wrong with the Java downloads, just don't know what.
  5. I just started on trying to teach myself how to download/install mods and such for Minecraft, and I'm already failing miserably. Upon trying to open Minecraft Forge in Minecraft vJava, it will load most of the way until it gets stuck on Atlas stitching for shulker boxes, and it will loop the percentage/amount of data downloaded. The only mod I have downloaded is BSL shaders (downloaded from https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/bsl-shaders/download), but this problem was happening before I had the mod. These three lines stick out to me as incorrect, but I either don't
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