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  1. hm, any idea how to circumvent this? the mod was apotheosis, or something like that, and the only thing we ever really interacted with was enchantments, but there were blocks in the mod.
  2. @diesieben07 ...Any advice? or is this topic dead?
  3. Well, here's his latest.log, mine seems to be way too big to paste here or anywhere. So I put both in a zip. I promise its not anything malicious, I just want to play my minecraft world with my friend again. (his)latest.log logs.zip
  4. How would I go about finding the debug log? My friend is offline right now, and all I have is both of our latest.log(s).
  5. Me and my friend have been playing on a modded minecraft world for the past few weeks when one day, after a pack update, we have found that he can no longer connect, his connection is dropped with a registry mismatch. we have even tried running the world on his end, and he can load it, but I cannot join? any advice? Lmk any log files you may need.
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