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  1. I'm playing with a moderately big modpack, like 70 mods, and the tick lag is sometimes really low(3ms average), and sometimes it spikes up really high. Sometimes mobs like overspawn or something, and that causes massive lag, tick lag and fps lag. Im usually fine with fps, but tick lag is really bothering. I have added multiple performance mods and allocated mroe ram, but it never really helps. This has by far been my biggest problem while playing modded. Any help? I have some screenshots, so ill link them here since i cant upload them here for some reason. https://pasteboard.co/JWICxxK.png https://pasteboard.co/JWICJbo.png https://pasteboard.co/JWIDe63.png when tick lag is low https://pasteboard.co/JWID3Oh.png
  2. aww thats unfortunate, since its such a good mod, but thank you anyways!
  3. Thank you! That modpack didn't work well, so I switched to other things. Now that one is crashing, while it ran well until a sudden freeze and crash. Any help would be great! Here is the debug paste: https://pastebin.com/fepmBQ8a
  4. Hi, i'm playing modded minecraft with about 60-70 mods, and it was all working until I created a world, then it crashed. Here's the crash log: https://pastebin.com/Ekf84aUG Any help would be great, thanks!
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