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  1. THANK YOU the notSolid property was the culprit!! I did not have it but now it renders perfectly!!! You're a life saver!!!!
  2. That's extra weird!!! I just tried editing the model and it still pops up as black... But it's nice to know that the render code is good. I changed the model aswel just to see and the issue doesn't seem to be there either. I just wonder where it's messing up now... Thank you for showing me this though!! It's greatly appreciated ^^ EDIT: on second thought, can you show me exactly how you added the renderer to the tile entity?? I'm so confused as to why this just works for you but not for me...
  3. Hello! I've been trying to make a block in Forge that stores a simple liquid, and a renderer that would show that liquid in the block itself. I have been attempting to get the renderer to work with only water at first, since it's probably easier to get a simple case to work instead of trying to implement everything at once when you don't fully understand Forge itself. Unfortunately the texture seems to be completely black, and when I try to adjust the buffer's color function, it seems like it doesn't change anything. (alpha on 255 still keeps the texture that is rendered semi-transparent,
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