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  1. Hello everyone! I am a server co-owner looking for a developer to make a cosmetic mod (similar to More Player Models) for 1.16.5. I'd love to discuss this further as payment is a given for such hard work! This would be done securely via PayPal and I would be happy to pay partially at the start as a deposit (as I know it's unfair to ask you to begin without any confirmation that you'll receive an end payment). This mod would need to be entirely cosmetic as previously mentioned and a plugin would be required to allow players to see one another's changes to player scales. The general gist of the mod is to add some basic height, width, etc. sliders that players can use to customise their player model. Other players should be able to see this in-game. At the moment, that is all that the mod needs, though additional features would be great further down the line. This mod would be used for my server and distributed to members via our website where you will be credited for your hard work! It will need to be updated after each large update rolls out (but not immediately, don't worry) in order to allow players to continue to use it as we upgrade the server. Hopefully somebody is interested in helping out! I'd love to have a chat with anybody about this. Please add me on Discord if you want to chat: Alliium#6123 Have a good day! Alliium & The Eboncrest Team ❤️
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