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  1. Figured out the issue, for anyone googling this in the future the forge server.jar file needs to be renamed to just server.jar.
  2. Hey all! Trying to start up a forge server, but with a variety of mods (can confirm Astral Sorcery and Aquaculture so far) I keep receiving an error that says "Incomplete set of tags received from server. Please contact server operator.". Currently all I have installed on server and client is Astral Sorcery and it's dependences (Curios + Observerlib). I've tried this with forge 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 as well as minecraft versions. Google says this usually means the mods between server/client are different, but I've confirmed all 3 files are where they should be. Can anyone point me in the direction I'm missing? Edit: Attempted with Aquaculture 2 which has 0 dependencies, one mod installed on both server and client and receive the same error message. Thanks!
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