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  1. lets say i want to use an axe in a recipe and remove some of its durability when the player crafts the recipe. how do i do that? thanks in advance
  2. ok i will try looking into it.. thank you!
  3. Hey there, I have searched for the 1.16.x guis docs in mcforge.readthedocs and in the github downloadable docs, i have not found anything about guis... while guis are mentioned: "#### GUIs One of the most common things to do on block activation is opening a GUI. Many blocks in vanilla behave this way, such as chests, hoppers, furnaces, and many more. More about GUIs can be found on [their page](GUIs)." there is no guis.md file or anything like it... if anyone knows where it is, it will help so much. thank you
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