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  1. Yes, Yes I know there is no AbyssalCraft 1.16 rn but is there something very close or a sort of "clone" for 1.16? If anyone knows please tell me. Thanks!
  2. So I wanted to play a mod pack on forge so I installed forge version 1.12.2( and I installed it put all the mods in and than its showed 4 mods as shown below and there is also my mods folder I thought hey maybe its my java version and switched to java 8 after several attempts on 13. Still didn't work. then I tried making a custom directory and put the mods in to no avail. I checked on my 1.16 forge and the mods are recognized but just not in 1.12. there is no optifine or anything . Here's a log below[20:43:21] [Client thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.resources.SimpleReloadableRe
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