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  1. i was trying to play 21w0b8 and started it without the controller i use with forge helping me for the controller. i can start using the lancher a new game like 21w0b8 and the save it after i start. then i quit and restart the launcher and start forge. i choose the new game which has 21w0b8 at the link and get a message that it might not be compatible but it starts and the controller is working ok. now my question is, i think the game only loads for 1.16.4. i can't find the copper or anything special for the new snapshot. am i chasing a dead horse trying to play with a controller on a new
  2. i have been playing bedrock. i want to play java for qa change but lack of coordinates gets me lost. i don't know which way i am going. i start without a map, maybe i don't know how to request a map, but i cant find my way around before they kill me. maybe there is aq mod that will show me my coordinates and level. i tryed to mine and got lost again. thanks.
  3. some say press f3. when i do i get a screen full of technical game information. maybe i can get the coordinates from there but my mind is slow. thanks
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