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  1. Solved!!! (For real, this time) So, the "solution" I listed before actually is the solution. The last thing I goofed up was that I was running the forge_client Run Configuration and not the Application (which is what I used to set the class path for the userdev module). Refer to my screenshots, but in general: Elephant is bad, Application Icon is good (in the dropdown) YES: This is the what uses the configuration that I fixed in my previous "solution" comment NO: The problem with this option is that, in IntelliJ 2020
  2. So, weird update - I know I got the forge client actually running, but only once (strange, I know). I know it was the Forge client (and not the one from the plugin project I created earlier), because there was a "Mods" button on the main page and had two mods listed: Minecraft Forge This is what I am trying to get to; a "vanilla" Forge client running from the repo source code using the gradle tasks. However, it seems weird to me that it only worked once. It leads me to think that maybe I am on the right track, but have some other issues to address. Will update when I know m
  3. Solved! But there is more to the solution - see the last comment to this post. Basically, if you make the changes in this comment, but still run the Gradle forge_client ("Run Configuration") instead of the "Application", you will still hit this error (the classpath can't be set for Run Configurations in IntelliJ 2020.3). The issue was two-fold: My Run Configuration was incorrect My project's Gradle settings were incorrect Post-mortem: The Run Configuration could not be corrected without first correcting the Gradle settings The option you need
  4. While I am unblocked on actually creating mods, there are some things I would like to do within the actual Forge codebase. I'll keep trying to fix the class not found error and will update if I find a solution for that. With that said, I am going to spend some time playing with actual modding and then will try to get the client running from within the Forge repo again. Mentioning this so others know that I am still technically hitting this issue, but using the plugin allows me to create and test mods without needing to address this problem.
  5. Awesome, thanks @MistaOmega - I will give this a shot and see if it helps. Will report back with my findings 🤘 Update! That plugin worked for me! I was unable to figure out how to fix my old environment, but creating a new one with that plugin got me up and running without issue! I'm not sure what this plugin does differently from the setup docs, but for anyone else hitting this, try the plugin first I intend to come back later and document what needs to be done when you do this manually Just a heads up for others! The project that
  6. forge_client gradle task always fails with error "Could not find or load main class net.minecraftforge.userdev.LaunchTesting" To give some context, I have gotten the forge_client task to work in the past; I'm positive this is an environment issue, but not sure how to fix it. This issue started once I updated to IntelliJ 2020. Additionally, I am not a Java developer in my day job. While I have decent experience with Java, I am normally a Node.js developer (JS, yuck). This is all to say that I "generally" know what I am doing, but need some environment setup help since I don't usuall
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