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  1. How exactly does one write a packet and get forge to send it?
  2. I'm just going to bump this because I don't think you got a notification since I edited the last message, but there's my project ^^^
  3. Okay I posted it to my github: https://github.com/MysticalMike/GunMod I use EMPGun to spawn the projectile: io/github/mysticalmike/gunmod/common/items/EMPGun And BulletEntity is the projectile spawned: io/github/mysticalmike/gunmod/common/entities/BulletEntity
  4. Yeah, but even setting the motion even to (0, 0, 0) doesn't seem to change it.
  5. Okay so I got it to write and read my data but how can I use that to actually change the speed for the client?
  6. Okay I see what you mean in SSpawnObjectPacket but I'm not sure how I could change that or if there's a different packet I could send. I tried creating a new packet extending SSpawnObjectPacket but minecraft doesn't render custom non-living entities with that packet. Before I was using 'NetworkHooks.getEntitySpawningPacket(this);' which ultimately creates a SCustomPayloadPlayPacket packet which does render custom non-living entities but I don't know how I could edit that packet either. (Both clamp the motion)
  7. When I spawn a projectile with a high velocity it seems to render in the incorrect location but it ends up hitting the correct block. Better explained by watching this clip: https://youtu.be/ENmASw9UQVQ Here is the basic code I used to spawn the projectile: The only thing that I could think of as the cause would be some kind of de-sync with the client because the projectile doesn't hit mobs or blocks that would be in the way if it was actually where it's rendering. Any clues on how to fix this would be very helpful.
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