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  1. Of course, right after I post this I find that these are obfuscated names of course, and that this site can serve as a key. Feeling like, well, a little bit of a potato rn. I do wonder how he de-obfuscated his names in Intellij though, that'd make it much more convenient. Oh well, I'll leave this up in case anyone needs it I guess, or if I'm making another blunder. Live and learn, I guess.
  2. I'm new to forge modding (but decent at Java) and am following this tutorial to learn the basics (ie. adding blocks/items/gui). For some reason, many of the methods he uses have completely different (and odd) names with my 1.16.3 setup. For instance, where he wrote: @Override public void read(BlockState state, CompoundNBT tag) { itemHandler.deserializeNBT(tag.getCompound("inv")); energyStorage.deserializeNBT(tag.getCompound("energy")); counter = tag.getInt("counter"); super.read(state, tag); } Through deduction and guessing based on inputs/returns of suggested functions (thx Intellij) I wrote: @Override public void func_230337_a_(BlockState p_230337_1_, CompoundNBT tag) { CompoundNBT invTag = tag.getCompound("inv"); handler.ifPresent(h -> ((INBTSerializable<CompoundNBT>)h).deserializeNBT(invTag)); super.func_230337_a_(p_230337_1_, tag); } It worked that time, but the further I go the harder it gets to guess all the names. Is it a version issue (1.14-1.16)? Or if it is a deliberate change Forge made is there a table somewhere to look up the equivalent names? Thanks in advance.
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