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  1. I got it working. I just had fucked up my javapath and JDK (I don't normally do development work on my bootcamp partition....) and so now it all appears to be working. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. Switching to windows was a bit weird, but this seems to have ALMOST worked. This is the output I'm getting: http://pastebin.com/N0nhwvny It seems to be MCP throwing an error and while I'm no expert in this regards, I think it's related to a python script building mcp and possibly the fact that the file system attempts.... well lemme show you the final error: Specifically at one point it shows: and I noticed that "C:\Minecraft\forge/mcp/runtime/recompile.py" is.... well I'm pretty sure that's not a valid windows file? I'm honestly a bit out of my depth here right now, but if nobody else has any ideas I can try to go in and get it fixed for myself.
  3. So, I'm writing some code to implement something like http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/permissions-faq.25080/ for forge. This should make life much easier than the current creation of fake players and total reliance of mod authors to work well together with mods like Forge Essentials or the PEX port to Forge, instead of the current situation in which mods will oftentimes implement their own pseudo perm system which will be very difficult to modify or deal with from a mod maker and a server owner perspective. Anyways..... I've got the code written that doesn't require modification of base classes, but I can't figure out a way to finish the code off without doing so. I know to do so I should get a clean github copy of forge, get the mcp running and the eclipse directory and all that jazz ready, make my code modifications to the base classes, and then update the patches with the changes I made to base classes, but whenever I try to get a clean version of forge set-up for this purpose (I've already got a 1.6 version of forge for writing mods running fine), I run in to issues. Here are the steps I'm following: 1. Fork MinecraftForge. 2. Download fork using the official OS X GitHub app. 3. Go to terminal and move to the directory the downloaded fork is in and run setup.py The issue seems to be the following error, but below that I've included the full text of the terminal output. Just the error: http://pastebin.com/vUssWvva Full Report: http://pastebin.com/8i7XEjMD
  4. I would disagree. Right now my biggest annoyance with trying to implement some functionality and bukkit like features for multiplayer servers using Forge has to be the lack of a perm system of any kind. The idea is not necessarily to create a single perm manager I think, but rather something along the lines of http://jd.bukkit.org/rb/apidocs/ To IMPROVE intermod cooperation. I mean, it's really just a logical extension of what is already included in theory to handle such matters: the fake player class. It's already an issue I would say right now because several mods have 'rolled their own' system so to speak (such as those which let a machine's access be potentially limited) and Forge Essentials attempts to add a Permissions system AND Manager, but as it stands right now there is no single accepted outline let alone system for things like, say, a factions mod that would actually work in the expected fashion in a Forge modded server. And with the new 'block broken' and 'block placed' events likely to be added soon, there's less excuse than ever to not support a basic perm system. Forge doesn't have to include full perm control or anything, just a unified system for something to say "Hey! I'm about to do something and I think this might need permission", configuration and actual modification and input of perms and all that can be handled by an external program even.
  5. it's kinda on the back burner right now as I'm waiting to see how well forge essentials does with updating to 1.5 (personally, I'm using a beta version), but I have a mod in the works that should allow you to do what you're asking. I had a really early primitive version available for download, but my web server got messed up and I haven't reuploaded it, plus it's just for 1.4.7 and it's REALLY primitive with several bits not working for land claiming. I guess I could look in to seeing how well the updated FE works and try to get it back working though if there's demand, but I'll have to check exactly how perms work standard in FE for block breaking versus using as I could have sworn it wasn't possible to make it so you could use blocks but not break them, but that shouldn't be that hard to change (just write new permissions.... yay.....) and they already have some PvP related blocking features in the latest version iirc. So, um, if you're willing to wait a couple weeks for me to get that code all back working for 1.5 and flesh out the perm system and some of the background systems more, I could probably provide a mod that does what you're asking. I wish I could get one faster, but I'm still in the process of learning some of the SQL stuff necessary to do it properly and I've got some other semi-related mods I'm working on and after having to rewrite the entire thing at least twice already, I'm hoping to get it 'right' from the code perspective while still having lots of commands to make it easy to use and understand and both of those are a bit time consuming. In the mean time, I would say that you could just start and kinda wait for the battle if you can trust people to 'follow the rules' so to speak for your activity. I really wish I knew of a mod that easily did what you're asking, but it's kinda a blind spot in the forge mod world as historically a lot of that was handled by bukkit and there isn't much in the way of large scale social servers that run forge and would need something like that.
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