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  1. I'm reposting this because for some reason a moderator closed it for supporting piracy, even though it has nothing to do with that. Me and all my friends own the game legitimately, and I am just asking how I would go about making a mod that allows a certain offline-mode name to enter the server, as a troll. If I wanted to support piracy the server would be online-mode false. But I don't that's not what I want. BY "premium" I mean legitimately bought game, and by cracked, i mean using an offline mode account. Once again, me and all the people playing on this server have legitim
  2. Hello guys, I am making a small troll mod for 1.16.4 to troll my friends with. We play a modpack of around 15 mods, and there is no server software at the moment for 1.16.4 which supports both spigot and forge. So, I am going to write a small mod instead of a plugin (which I have more experience doing). I was wondering which event decides whether or not to kick the player that is joining when they have a cracked account. The server is premium, and I want to login with a cracked account in order to troll them. The problem is, I'm not sure which event decides if the pla
  3. according to the source code, i should be looking to access the chunkMapping thank you once again
  4. ho boi time to learn reflection. what property of ClientChunkProvider do i need to access? Thanks for the help.
  5. the lag is fine, as this action will only be performed upon running a command, if it freezes the game for like 5- 10 seconds thats completely fine. I am trying to get the location of all barrier blocks, then ill tp each player to a random barrier block
  6. The mod I am coding is a client-side only mod. Additionally, the block is not a naturally spawned block. I need to loop through all the currently loaded chunks, and get all blocks of the type i am looking for (barrier block). In the end, I should have a list with the barrier blocks in it. public static List<BlockPos> barrierBlocks = new ArrayList<>(); Does anyone know how to do this? there is nothing in Minecraft.getMinecraft().world for getting all loaded chunks.
  7. Hello epic forge modders, I'm trying to send a vanilla packet to the server (Specifically custom payload packet to edit a command block). I looked everywhere online, networking section in forge docs seems to only be about custom packets, and so do all of the threads that i have found. I know that to send a CustomPayloadPacket i need to do it like this: this.mc.getConnection().sendPacket(new CPacketCustomPayload("Channel", packetbuffer)); I'm not sure what data I should add to the buffer and how I should do it, if anybody could help me that would be
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