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  1. Is ReadBookScreen an event? if not, how do I get to a ReadBookScreen from a gui open event? Sorry to be so dumb xdInsert other media
  2. Having been told to use 1.16 in my previous thread HERE: I have now updated my mod to 1.16 (not hard since this is to be one of the main features) How should I go about completing the original job (reading the contents of the currently opened page of a BookGUI whenever it is opened)?' Thanks for any help
  3. Hey, thanks for this reply How should I go about doing this in 1.16?
  4. So i have a pretty basic request for my firstever forgemod. I want to have an event handler which is called whenever a book is opened on the client (as in the gui is brought up). Whenever this happens, I want to find the contents of the opened page (there will only be 1 page). Coming from a bukkit background, my first instinct was to take a GuiOpenEvent and cast the gui passed through as a BookGui, but the IDE seems to not be too enthusiastic about that. I expect this is a pretty basic question so apologies for seeming a bit stupid :(
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