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  1. I kept removing mods and found out I can only have 4 or else it will crash on the loading screen. I still wanna fix the problem though.
  2. Just a quick question. Does this screen have anything to do with the problem? Edit: I was removing mods and this screen was just because of a single mod. So no need to worry about it now.
  3. One I made but I took the mods from it's folder and put them in the normal mods folder in the .minecraft folder
  4. gist:d701c97a747c1409056572d5a205a5e4 (github.com) The debug log
  5. It's 11319 lines long, I can't post it. (It's the latest.log)
  6. When I go to create a new world so I can play, the game loads it and then stops at 100%. It just doesn't do anything. I can't even close the window, I have to restart my computer. And if I try loading the world after restarting, it's just another endless loading screen, but I can close the window this time. I am on the latest forge version.
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